17 Places With Mini Cows for Sale in Oregon 2023 – Where to Shop

Oregon is swiftly becoming a hub for the mini cow community. These pint-sized bovines are not just adorable; they’re practical for those with limited land and a great way to teach responsibility to kids. But where can you find mini cows for sale in the Beaver State? Here are 17 notable places!

1. Crescent Moon Miniature Ranch – Bend

Crescent Moon Miniature Ranch - Bend

Tucked away in the picturesque landscape of Bend, Crescent Moon Miniature Ranch offers a selection of the finest mini cow breeds. The ranch is known for its dedicated care and breeding techniques that ensure the cows’ health and vitality.

Breeds and Offerings

Mainly specializing in Miniature Herefords and Lowlines, Crescent Moon often has new calves available each spring. Their Lowlines, in particular, are renowned for their gentle temperament, making them great for first-time mini cow owners.

2. Rosewood Mini Cows – Salem

Salem’s pride, Rosewood, has carved a niche for itself with its exceptional line of mini cows. The farm combines traditional husbandry with modern techniques, ensuring a holistic growth environment for the animals.

Selection and Services

At Rosewood, the focus is primarily on the Miniature Jersey and Miniature Belted Galloway. Beyond sales, they also offer consultations for newcomers on proper care, feeding routines, and other essential tips.

3. Oakdale Mini Cows & Farmstead – Eugene

Oakdale Mini Cows & Farmstead

Nestled amidst Eugene’s verdant landscapes, Oakdale is a haven for mini cow enthusiasts. The farmstead is family-owned and boasts a long tradition of breeding mini cows with passion.

Breed Variety and Perks

Specializing in Dexter and Miniature Zebu cows, Oakdale often hosts open days for potential buyers and enthusiasts. They also run a small dairy operation, showcasing the practical benefits of owning these diminutive milk producers.

4. Tiny Hooves Miniatures – Corvallis

Tiny Hooves is not just a mini cow farm but also a community hub. The owners organize regular workshops and events, promoting knowledge exchange among mini cow aficionados.

What’s on Offer

Predominantly breeding Miniature Highlands and Miniature Holsteins, Tiny Hooves ensures that each calf is vaccinated, de-wormed, and ready to join a loving home. Their interactive workshops also cover essential mini cow care routines.

5. Pine Ridge Mini Moo Farm – Medford

Pine Ridge Mini Moo Farm - Medford

Medford’s Pine Ridge stands out with its commitment to organic farming practices and ethical animal husbandry. The farm’s ethos resonates in its happy, healthy mini cows.

Breeds and Features

The farm mainly focuses on Miniature Guernsey and Lowline Angus. Apart from selling mini cows, Pine Ridge also has a range of dairy products, underlining the versatility of these little wonders.

6. Beaver Creek Mini Cattle Yard – Portland

In the heart of Portland, Beaver Creek is an urban farmer’s dream come true. They’ve embraced city living while still offering country charm with their mini cows.

Offerings and Unique Selling Points

Their specialty lies in Miniature Texas Longhorns and Miniature Charolais. Beaver Creek often collaborates with local urban farming initiatives, promoting sustainable living in the city.

7. Meadow Green Mini Bovines – Albany

Meadow Green Mini Bovines - Albany

A beautiful spread in Albany, Meadow Green has established itself as a trusted name in the mini cow circuit. The farm is family-run, ensuring hands-on care for each animal.

Special Breeds and Services

They focus predominantly on Miniature Herefords and Miniature Shorthorns. Meadow Green also offers farm stays for those looking to dive deep into the mini cow lifestyle.

8. Willow Creek Mini Farm – Hillsboro

Breathtaking Hillsboro is home to Willow Creek, a farm that champions sustainable farming and community integration. Their mini cows are a testament to their dedication.

Cow Selection and More

Breeding Miniature Jerseys and Miniature Belted Galloways, the farm also conducts regular educational tours. These sessions cover everything from milking to sustainable grazing.

9. Larkspur Mini Cattle Co. – Grants Pass

Larkspur Mini Cattle Co. - Grants Pass

Situated in scenic Grants Pass, Larkspur combines the art of breeding with the science of genetics, ensuring top-notch mini cows.

Variety and Special Features

Their primary focus is on Miniature Pinzgauer and Miniature Holsteins. Larkspur’s genetic tests guarantee the purity of breeds, making them a top pick for serious enthusiasts.

10. Blue Spruce Mini Moo Haven – Ashland

Blue Spruce, located in the charming town of Ashland, has cultivated a reputation for its holistic approach to mini cow breeding.

Cow Types and Extras

With a primary focus on Miniature Jerseys and Dexter cows, Blue Spruce also offers mini cow-based therapy sessions, emphasizing the therapeutic value of these animals.

11. Cedar Hill Mini Cattle Ranch – Astoria

Cedar Hill Mini Cattle Ranch

Astoria’s coastal beauty meets country charm at Cedar Hill. This ranch is renowned for its commitment to organic practices and ethical breeding.

Highlighted Breeds

Cedar Hill specializes in Miniature Herefords and Miniature Galloways. They also have a farm-to-table restaurant on site, showcasing the culinary delights of mini cow dairy.

12. Spruce Grove Miniature Farms – Lake Oswego

Spruce Grove stands out with its dual focus on mini cows and sustainable agriculture. They have integrated biodynamic farming principles, making their farm a model for others.

Breeds and Unique Features

Breeding Miniature Highlands and Miniature Belted Galloways, Spruce Grove also has a training program for young farmers, promoting next-gen sustainable farming.

13. River Bend Mini Cattle Inc. – Springfield

River Bend Mini Cattle Inc.

A leading name in Springfield, River Bend has consistently raised the bar with its state-of-the-art facilities and meticulous breeding standards.

Available Cattle and Features

Focusing mainly on Lowlines and Miniature Jerseys, River Bend has an on-site vet clinic. This ensures prompt care for the animals and also serves as an educational hub.

14. Golden Valley Mini Cattle Farm – Beaverton

In bustling Beaverton, Golden Valley offers a serene escape with its sprawling pastures and top-grade mini cows.

Offerings and Specialties

Their main breeds include the Miniature Holstein and Miniature Guernsey. Apart from sales, Golden Valley offers internship opportunities for aspiring veterinarians and farmers.

15. Whispering Pines Miniature Cattle

Perched in the scenic Hood River Valley, Whispering Pines is a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and farming. Their mini cows graze on lush pastures, basking in the Oregon sun.

Breeds and Distinct Features

Specializing in Miniature Zebu and Dexter cows, Whispering Pines also conducts workshops on sustainable farming. These hands-on sessions give a deep dive into the world of miniature cattle breeding and care.

16. Sunnyside Mini Cow Meadows – Klamath Falls

Located in the vibrant town of Klamath Falls, Sunnyside Meadows offers a refreshing take on miniature cattle breeding. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices makes them a sought-after name in the region.

Variety and Standout Features

Mainly breeding Miniature Charolais and Miniature Pinzgauer, Sunnyside also offers cow leasing services. This unique model allows individuals to experience cow ownership without long-term commitments, making it ideal for beginners.

17. Green Meadows Mini Cow Farm – Baker City

Tucked away in historic Baker City, Green Meadows showcases the charm of the old world while championing modern farming techniques. The tranquil environment ensures the cows lead a peaceful, healthy life.

Breeds and Specialities

With a prime focus on Miniature Texas Longhorns and Miniature Jerseys, Green Meadows has also established a mini cow dairy. The farm-fresh milk and cheese products underscore the multifaceted benefits of owning these adorable creatures.


Why are mini cows becoming increasingly popular in Oregon?

Oregon’s agricultural-friendly environment, coupled with the growing urban farming trend, has contributed to the rise in popularity.

Additionally, the manageable size of mini cows makes them ideal for smaller farms and homesteads, allowing Oregonians to enjoy the benefits of cattle rearing without the need for expansive pastures.

What’s the average lifespan of a mini cow in Oregon’s climate?

They typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, and Oregon’s temperate climate can be conducive to their health. The milder summers and cooler winters, along with the quality of pasture in many areas, provide an environment that’s favorable for their long-term well-being.

Are there any specific state regulations or requirements for owning mini cows in Oregon?

Yes, like other livestock, mini cow owners in Oregon must adhere to state regulations, which might include reporting, branding, or health check mandates.

It’s essential to check with the Oregon Department of Agriculture for detailed guidelines specific to your locality and intended use (like dairy production or merely as pets).

Can mini cows in Oregon be used for dairy or beef production?

Absolutely! While smaller in stature, they are fully capable of producing both milk and meat. Their milk yield is obviously less than that of their full-sized counterparts, but it’s rich and nutritious.

As for beef, the yield will be smaller, but many believe mini cow beef to be tender and flavorful.

How do mini cow prices in Oregon compare to other states?

Prices can vary based on breed, age, health, and pedigree. Generally, Oregon’s burgeoning market means competitive pricing, but it’s always a good idea to compare prices across various states.

Factors like transportation costs and breed demand in a particular region can also influence the final price.

Are mini cows good companions for other farm animals?

They are known for their gentle disposition, making them compatible with a variety of farm animals, including chickens, goats, and sheep. However, as with any animal, it’s essential to monitor interactions initially and ensure that all animals have ample space to coexist peacefully.

Final Words

Oregon’s diverse landscape offers a multitude of options for mini cow enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned breeder, a first-time buyer, or just someone with a penchant for all things cute, these 17 places provide a rich tapestry of mini cow experiences.